Installing OSX 10.9 Mavericks on my hackintosh

I haven’t used OSX daily for some years now, but occasionally I boot from the hard drive containing OSX on my hackintosh. It has gone from Lion (see this post for my hardware) to Mountain Lion. And recently I installed Mavericks, which is version 10.9 of Apple’s operating systems for Macs. This time the install went without problems.

On my existing Mountain Lion installation I downloaded the free Mavericks installer from the App Store.

I used UniBeast, MultiBeast and KextBeast from the tonymacx86 community (which is awesome by the way!). I followed the UniBeast guide, with one addition. As previously, I moved a kext-file. It’s a driver for my graphics card (AMD Radeon HD6870). The file name is AMD6000Controller.kext and I moved the file from System\Libraries\Extensions to a folder on the root of the USB thumb drive. If you don’t do this, setup doesn’t load. The file is hidden as default, so I had to run a Terminal command.

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

Then restart Finder by pressing Alt (Option) while right-clicking Finder in the Dock and choose Relaunch.

After Mavericks was installed, I used KextBeast to install the previously removed kext. I placed AMD6000Controller.kext directly on the desktop and ran KextBeast. After restart, Mavericks ran the full resolution of my display. I then ran MultiBeast. MultiBeast installs the bootloader (so you can boot OSX directly from the hard drive) and drivers for audio, network, graphics and so on. As of writing, version 6.0 is a complete rewrite and the UI (user interface) has been updated. In earlier versions, all the choices was represented as a long, scrolling list. Now, you choose a section on the top which reveals categories on the left. Since my motherboard uses UEFI (instead of BIOS), I chose DSDT Free from Quick Start. This preselects drivers and options for you. I then checked off some additional drivers and options, see the screenshots below.

After another restart Mavericks booted directly from the dedicated hard drive. Sound and network worked like expected. The only update I found was for iTunes (which I don’t use).

I went through the settings in System Preferences and installed a couple of programs (mainly Chrome and Spotify, which I use daily). So far, so good.

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