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Apples October 2013 Event


The two biggest surprises for me was the new iPad moniker and the price for OSX Mavericks.

The 9.7 inch tablet in its fifth generation is called iPad Air and adopts the same hardware as the iPhone 5S. That means an A7 processor with the M7 coprocessor. iPad Air is smaller, thinner and lighter than its predecessor.

Running out of cat names, version 10.9 of the Mac’s operating system is named Mavericks. At WWDC 2013 Apple told it was going away from the feline code names and instead would use names from inspirational places in California (the home state of Apple headquarters). Lion and Mountain Lion (the two previous versions of OSX) had a nice price tag of 29.99USD and 19.99USD respectively. If you thought Mavericks will cost 9.99USD, you’re wrong. Because it’s free! For users with Snow Leopard and up. It doesn’t support my white MacBook from late 2007, but it does support iMac from the same year.

The MacBook Pros got bumped to Intel’s Haswell chips. And the glossy black garbage can that is the new Mac Pro got praised yet again.

I was waiting for an iPad mini with Retina dislpay to replace my iPad 2. And my wishes came through! iPad mini is no longer the step child of iPads. It shares everything with it’s big brother, except for the size. The iPad mini still has a 7.9 inch screen, which gives it a higher PPI than iPad Air. Text should look even crisper.

I’m also longing for an upgraded Mac mini (Haswell), but it didn’t get mentioned. I hope it gets a silent update, like the iMacs did in September. The new Haswell iMacs just showed up in Apples online store.

Update: I forgot to mention that iWork and iLife got a makover and now comes with every new Mac or iOS device.

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