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Microsoft is on a roll!

Microsoft refreshed their logo earlier this year. Probably to reflect the refresh the whole company now seems to undertake.


Windows Phone beta period over – WP8 launches this fall

Picture courtesy of Engadget

On June 20 2012 Microsoft revealed the next version of their mobile operating system. Windows Phone 8.

WP8 shares code with Windows 8 (for desktop), which gives WP8 support for multi core CPUs, 720p screen resolution, microSD cards (finally!), NFC and more.

Picture courtesy of Engadget

The sad news is that today’s Windows Phone handsets running WP7 won’t be upgradable due to this. That’s why my headline says beta period over. That said, owners of Windows Phone 7.5 handsets will get an update to Windows Phone 7.8 which brings the updated start screen from WP8.

WP8 will get OTA (over the air) updates, dropping Zune all together. Other features: IE10, Wallet, in-app purchases, Nokia Maps with offline maps and turn-by-turn navigation for all WP8 handsets.

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You can see the full video from the Windows Phone Summit 2012 over at Channel 9.