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Microsoft is on a roll!

Microsoft refreshed their logo earlier this year. Probably to reflect the refresh the whole company now seems to undertake.


Microsoft to release it’s own Windows 8 tablets this fall

On June 19 2012 Microsoft revealed that together with Windows 8 this fall, they will also release (at least) two tablets, called Surface. One based on nVIDIA’s Tegra 3 platform running Windows RT (the ARM based version of Windows 8) and another running Windows 8 Pro on the Intel platform.

The tablets will get an (optional) accompanying keyboard. With the touch keyboard Microsoft claims you’ll be 50% more efficient than with the onscreen keyboard. The touch keyboard can be “upgraded” to a tactile keyboard with an overlay, making you even more efficient. The keyboard also include a trackpad and also works as a cover. These are called Touch Cover and Type Cover.

Fun fact: The Metro background will automatically change color to correspond with the color of the keyboard cover.

See the official video from Microsoft below.