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Technews for week 17

Here in Norway weeks starts on Monday and we use week numbers. Below is the most interesting technews for week 17.

Google rebranded Docs to Drive to compete with Dropbox. By installing the app in Windows, Mac, Android or iOS (coming soon they say), your files will be synced across devices and always be up to date. You get 5GB for free and at the same time Google bumped the Gmail storage to 10GB (and counting).

Microsoft also wants to compete with Dropbox, so they scaled back SkyDrive from 25GB to 7GB and have also released apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Windows Phone. If you’re fast, you can keep those 25GB. As with the others, Microsoft too offers paid upgrades.

Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows has a nice comparison of the different online storage/collaboration/sync services.

Microsoft also released version 4.0(.1526.0) of their antimalware program (includes protection against virus, spyware and other malicous software) for Windows XP, Vista and 7. Microsoft Security Essentials is free for personal use (and small businesses for up to 10 PCs).

Mozilla released Firefox 12 this week and follows Google Chrome with their new auto update service. For Firefox to be updated in the background without any user consent, installing a service is a must. You can opt out of if you prefer to be notified (like previous versions).

I’m not a big gamer, but I’ve really enjoyed the Uncharted series from Naughty Dog (The second installment being my favorite of the three.) Now you can relive Nathan Drake’s adventures as a fan has made the three games into separate “movies” on YouTube.

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Technews for week 10

Here in Norway weeks starts on Monday and we use week numbers. Below is the most interesting technews for week 10.

Google consolidated its Android App Store, Book Store, Music and Video Store into Google Play. Unfortunately, only apps are available in Norway.

Apple’s App Store (for iOS) reached 25 billion downloads (that’s 25 milliarder here in Norway).

Apple released the new iPad with Retina display, faster processor and graphics, 4G/LTE, better camera.

At the same event Apple also released an updated Apple TV and released iOS 5.1, a minor software update.

Maxis announced that it reboots its SimCity franchise with a new release next year.