More iPhone OS 4.0 (now iOS4) features discovered

As more and more developers get their hands on the new SDK, unannounced features get discovered. I will try to update this post going forward with the latest features found by developers.

I won’t repeat what I’ve already written, so read my post iPhone gets multitasking this summer if you want to know what Steve Jobs unveiled at the event on April 8th 2010. I will just list what other sites already has reported. I assume many (if not all) features listed here are part of Apple’s “100 new features in OS4”. I guess features can both be added and removed before official release. Gizmodo has a gallery of screenshots gathered from around the web.

On June 7 2010, Steve Jobs announced that iPhone OS 4 changes name to iOS4. This happened during his keynote,  where also the new iPhone 4 was announced. That same day, the “Golden Master Candidate” was released for developers. iOS4 will be available on June 21 2010.

List of features found by developers (newest on top):

  • Support for Bluetooth keyboard with working hotkeys for brightness, volume, play/pause/skip
  • New background in the multitasking tray and folders
  • New iPod controls (play, next, previous) far left in the multitasking tray
  • Rotation lock software button in multitasking tray
  • Button to close apps in the multitasking tray now shows on all (previous, you had to do one by one)
  • Seems like a new feature called “File Sharing” still is locked down. In this case, File Sharing means that files on the iPhone can be shared between apps.
  • Unified notes (notes from Gmail, MobileMe, Exchange etc will be displayed together with local notes in the Notes app)
  • Make more than one playlist (On-the-go playlist will be replaced by Add playlist which get synced back to iTunes)
  • Tap to focus also for video
  • Character count in the SMS app
  • Text search in the SMS app
  • 5x digital zoom
  • Spell check and suggestions (same as iPad)
  • Faces, Places and Events gets synced from iPhoto
  • File attachments can be opened in 3rd party apps
  • Camera white balance
  • Passcode can also include letters, not longer limited to 4 digits
  • Three presets for resizing when mailing pictures (Small, Medium, Large and Actual)
  • Refined contacts page (when adding/editing a contact, there will be less back and forth)
  • Album view now shows albumart together with related information
  • Automatic calendar for birthdays based on contacts

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