Lenovo f**** up: Adware with security flaw installed on several models


Week 8 2015 (February 16th) was a dark week for Lenovo laptop owners. The web exploded with a story about how Lenovo had installed adware (or malware) on some of it’s models. Called Superfish, a certificate is installed to allow third party ads to inject into websites you visit. Lenovo said this was to enhance users experience. No security issues! Right…

Shortly after, a security flaw was discovered. Lenovo backtracked and apologized, but the damage was already done. Windows Defender got updated to remove Superfish. Lenovo also made a tool available. If you want to know if you’re “infected”, you can visit this site. My trust in Lenovo has been severely impacted. I will not recommend PC’s from them in a while. Or maybe never. But, can anyone be trusted? We (consumers) want cheap PC’s. To earn any money from razor thin margins, PC manufacturers installs a lot of bloatware (or crapware). Microsoft started an initiative for clean Windows PC’s, called Signature PC’s. But it hasn’t got any momentum.

In episode 402 of the Windows Weekly podcast with Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley (both renown Microsoft bloggers), Lenovo’s Superfish scandal sparks a longer discussion (or rant if you will) about installed crapware in general. (Starts at six minutes.)

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