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Windows 8 Reset function in pictures

With Windows 8 you no longer have to boot from your installation media (DVD or USB) to reinstall Windows. (Although you might be prompted to insert it, as I did.)

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In Windows 8 you can either Refresh or Reset your PC. You find these options in PC Settings. You reach PC Settings by either swiping in from the right, move your mouse to either corner on the right or by pressing Win + C to open the Charms bar. Then choose Settings (at the bottom), then Change PC Settings (at the bottom) and at last General. Scroll down to reveal the options.

After pressing the Get started button under Remove everything and reinstall Windows you get the screen above.

You’ll be asked to insert your recovery or installation media (I used the DVD) (not shown).

Windows 8 will then start preparing and reboot automatically.

You’ll get to choose between these two options for resetting your PC. (I chose the first option.)

All ready to go!

The process starts and takes only minutes.

After another restart, you set up Windows 8 as doing a clean install. You have to accept the license agreement and choose a color theme (not shown).

You then chose a username and password. If you already have a Microsoft Account (formerly Windows Live ID), you can use this to log on to Windows 8. This is the recommended option, since you’ll get automatic syncing of settings, SkyDrive, apps and so on. Pressing the option at the bottom gets you to the screen below.

On this screen you get the option to make a local account (which I did this time). You then get to watch Microsofts very short introduction to how you use the active corners before the new (Metro) Start screen gets loaded.

Since you literally start over, you have to install all your apps (should be easy if you use a Microsoft Account), programs and updates (via Windows Update). Your settings should be synced if you use a Microsoft Account and if you’ve used SkyDrive to take care of your important files, they’ll be easily available.

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