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Hardware Phones

Others@MWC2015 – LG, Acer, Kazam, Archos


The big guys weren’t the only ones showing off new phones at MWC 2015.

Android Central: Hands-on with the LG Magna, Spirit, Leon and Joy by Andrew Martonik

Android Central: Acer announces new Liquid Z and 64-bit Liquid Jade Z by Russel Holly

Android Central: Hands-on with Kazam’s latest Windows Phones, the Thunder 450W and 450WL by Richard Devine

Android Central: Archos unveils smartphone lineup for MWC 2015 by Joseph Keller

Hardware Phones

Sony@MWC2015 – Xperia M4 Aqua and E4g


If you were waiting for a new Sony flagship, you walked away disappointed from MWC 2015. Sony did not show the Xperia Z4, claiming the Z3 is still doing well. What Sony did show, was the midrange M4 Aqua and budget model E4g.



M4 Aqua E4g
Screen size: 5 inch IPS 4.7 inch TFT
Resolution: 720p (1280 x 720) 540 x 960
CPU: Snapdragon 615 (dual quad-core 64-bit) MediaTek (1.5 GHz quad-core)
RAM (memory): 2 GB 1 GB
Storage: 8 / 16 GB + microSD 8 GB + microSD
Camera: 13 MP + 5 MP (front) 5 MP + 2 MP (front)
Battery: 2400 mAh 2300 mAh (removable)
Weight: 136 g 135 g
Price: 330 USD 140 USD
Available: April 2015 April 2015

M4 Aqua follows the M2 Aqua, where “aqua” means the phone survives a splash of water. It clearly has the Sony Xperia look, reminding me of the Xperia Z models. This is a phone for the mainstream, if you find the Z series too expensive.

The E4g is a cheap 4G phone. Don’t expect great performance or pictures from this phone. But you get what you pay for and this model should compete with other budget phones.

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Android Central: Sony Xperia M4 Aqua hands-on by Alex Dobie

Android Central: Sony injects LTE connectivity into the E4, announces the Xperia E4g by Rich Edmonds

The Verge: Sony’s M4 Aqua is a cheap plastic copy of its flagship Xperia phone by Vlad Savov

Hardware Microsoft Phones Windows Phone

Microsoft@MWC2015 – Lumia 640 and 640 XL

At MWC 2015 Microsoft showed us Lumia 640 and it’s big brother 640 XL. Although pricing is low mid-range, the hardware seems to be quite good. A lot of bang for your bucks! I especially love that they bring back the color cyan. It looks Oh-So-Glossy on the 640!


640 640 XL
Screen size: 5 inch ClearBlack IPS LCD 5.7 inch ClearBlack IPS LCD
Resolution: 720p (1280 x 720) 720p (1280 x 720)
CPU: Snapdragon 400 (1.2 GHz quad-core) Snapdragon 400 (1.2 GHz quad-core)
RAM (memory): 1 GB 1 GB
Storage: 8 GB + microSD 8 GB + microSD
Camera: 8 MP + 1 MP (front) 13 MP + 5 MP (front)
Battery: 2500 mAh (removable) 3000 mAh (removable)
Weight: 145 g 171 g
Price: 180 USD 245 USD
Available: March-April 2015 March-April 2015
Android Hardware Phones

Samsung@MWC2015 – Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge


Samsung’s Galaxy series has now reached its sixth iteration. Last years version (the Galaxy S5) didn’t sell all that well according to rumors. Maybe it looked a little too much like the Galaxy S4? The last Galaxy model I liked, was the S2. Until last year, when I saw the Alpha. With its metal band, it looks really good. With the S6, and especially the S6 Edge, Samsung has won me over. They are really nice-looking. But design is not everything. Sadly for the Samsung fans, it’s no longer possible to swap the battery or memory card. This will be a deal breaker for many.